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  • ?Comix set up a subsidiary in America in 2016, a fully implemented commercial channel.
    ?Comix set up a subsidiary in Europe and stationed itself in the U.S. Amazon platform to further expand international business in 2017.
    ?Comix signed a strategic cooperation agreement with 3M company and France LYRECO company.
    ?In 2013, Comix Pingshan Science and Technology Park was completed and put into production.
    ?亚博国际app官网Comix successfully listed in China and issued A-shares in the stock market, became the first listed company in the Integrated office supplies industry of China in 2009.
    ?Comix was selected as the stationery supplier of Boao Forum of Asia in 2005.
    ?In 2008, Four kinds of products, including shredders, cash registers, and so on, won innovative design awards at the Kapok Design Awards in China.
    ?In?1996, Comix Mall registered international trademarks in more than 40 countries around the world.
    ?Comix entered the international market. Comix was the only company in the industry to win the US trademark design award in 1998.
    ?Comix was the first company that brought folders into the Chinese market in 1991.
    ?Comix was awarded “the Largest Chinese File Manufacturer” by Development Research Centre of the State Council in 1995.

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